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Welcome to Pride of Place! My name is Caroline Warner Prince. As a daughter of Rochelle Ramsey Warner, a seasoned Interior Designer in Salt Lake City, I grew up riding in a car seat that was surrounded by bolts of fabrics and wallpaper books.  Consequently, I feel like a love of design and beautiful fabrics and home accessories is in my DNA.  I have an MBA and have been a Realtor so business and lovely homes are both part of my make up.  My interest in business and fondness for lovely home furnishings brought about the birth of “Pride of Place.”  I am the mom of three great kids, one of whom will undoubtedly have memories of riding in a car seat surrounded by beautiful pillows!

Story behind the name: “Pride of Place” is a British term that Rochelle learned while living and studying in England. It means putting something you love in a prominent location to show how important it is in your home. I felt that “Pride of Place” was an ideal name for my business because I want everyone to take pride in their place.  A beautiful pillow is an easy way to do that without the expense of buying new furniture or remodeling.  Everyone can take pride in their living space, with a dash of color and texture; be it a tiny apartment, a home office, or even Downton Abbey.

If you are interested in purchasing pillows from my collection but feel unskilled as to how to place them with existing furnishing- let me help! Book your Home Consultation today! Simply send me an email and we can discuss your needs. contact@prideofplacepillows.com or call 801-703-5033.